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"...The very youngest, meanwhile, desperately hanging on to her daddy's back pockets..."

This afternoon, Mum and I crashed a 50th Wedding Anniversary, which, I am led to believe, is more commonly termed: "Golden Anniversary". Seeing as the celebration was over in Dallington Area (Breezes Road), I typed this up on the drive home. Mum helped me out with, you know, wording some of the more tricky parts of it... It was real funny, in the (church) hall, after the celebration, seeing the young children (not a few), darting round the crowded hall. In stark contrast to the majority of the population who appeared to be chronologically challenged...

violently repelling the milling throng of hunger-stricken pale faced children and toddlers, the elderly men formed perimeters around the heavily laden tables. Without pausing for any pleasentries and seemingly oblivious to the hopful, tear stained complexions of a generation beyond their venerable comprehension, the men set to their task.

In one corner of the modestly decorated, and well lighted room, 5 younglings between the ages of 10 and 2 sat obediently, their subdued impatience just showing through the older two's faces. The next two youngest of the group of children, ever looking up to their big brother and sister, also were looking expectantly at the several tables that the room boasted. The very youngest, meanwhile, desperately hanging on to her daddy's back pockets.

I happened a glance around the busy room, noticing one or two of the more adventurous women, who, still in the higher end of the age bracket, were venturing forward to the tables. Daddy glanced at his wife, and with almost imperceptible eye movement, the mutual agreement was concreted. With an equally low level of emotion showing, Daddy raised his head, signalling his prodgeny that they were at liberty to "tuck in".

Like so many racing hounds being released from their cages onto the track, the mangled half-corpse of a rabbit alluring them, exhorting them to greater efforts, the children sped to the tables...


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