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the elusive character returns...

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"...he shows just the slightest weakness; turning up the collar of his well weathered Rodd&Gunn jacket..."

An almost remorseful, longing look back at the door, then stoically turning his head and setting off into the blinding rain, the foul expanse of nothingness which lay before him. Oblivious to the violent storm, he shows just the slightest weakness; turning up the collar of his well weathered Rodd&Gunn jacket, enabling the biting particles of what is commonly called rain to impact with the back of his neck and almost unnoticably but systematically, collectively drench the back of his t-shirt. And you guessed it, because beneath his jacket, and beneath his brother's "neo-esque" "physically pin-striped" navy jersy, was the Santorini t-shirt, promoting, as always, the idea that consuming vast quantities of Ouzo was what kept the wearer going.

Two comments of arbitrary point and value were made to the Chinese man at the bus-stop, who did not deign to respond. Taking the unambiguous seat a few behind the driver, he settled down for the short trip, attempting the impossible: one or two moments of rest to make up for his troubled, horror-stricken night of sleeplessness.

A very poor bus-driver who should not have been given the job patted the accelerator and, when turning right at an intersection, would invariably turn into the right hand lane if it was empty. Only until a car, came down the right hand lane towards the bus would the driver wake from his reverie and pull into the correct lane on the left hand side of the road...

to be continued - if level of demand has an inversely proportional relationship to the enjoyment I would take from continuing...

to the days


Blogger John Sinclair said...

Kia Kaha my friend.
you should put a counter on your page so that you can infer the level of interest.

3:30 pm, April 08, 2006 
Blogger John Sinclair said...

oh, I've just sen where you have yours.... oh well

3:31 pm, April 08, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:29 pm, April 08, 2006 

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