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Animal Healing Course: $285 - includes vegetarian lunch

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On the community notice board in Pak'n'Save, Northlands Mall, Christchurch, I found the following notice...

Animal Healing Course
This weekend course is for those who want to learn how to give Natural Spiritual Healing to animals. Working with love and respect for all animals, the course shows you how to help enhance the animal's quality of life and to stimulate their body's own healing mechanism.
Specialist knowledge for particular needy cases, animal behaviour, starting a practice, administration and how to manage your energy as an animal healer are among the many different aspects covered in the course.
We give healing to a variety of animals in different environments, giving students as broad an experience as possible in the two days. Work with pets and farm animals is covered, as well as addressing the different needs of wild animals.

Weekend: April 14&15, 2007
Fee: $285 ~ includes vegetarian lunches & refreshments. Accomadation also available.
Venue: Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

It better jolly well include the vegeterian lunches!
Hmmm... Spiritual healing for animals eh? And at the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre too? - what a bonus!

Hahahah, I'll upload a picture of the post once I get my scanner going.


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