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Abortion: Few Good Reasons for Supporting

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from the HalfDone Blog 24Jan07

In case you ever wondered why a radical feminist believes killing unborn babies (including girls) is ok, Mia spells it out.

First, she lists some very general statments:

  • I’m pro-choice because I believe women are people,
  • I’m pro-choice because I want to decide when I have a child,
  • I’m pro-choice because I have two younger sisters,
  • I’m pro-choice because I trust other women to make choices about their own lives,
  • I’m pro-choice because sex should be awesome,

None of which have the slightest bearing on the abortion debate.

  • I’m pro-choice because of all the women who have died and are dying from illegal abortions,

Ok, that’s one that we can take serously.

  • I’m pro-choice because of all the women who have died and are dying because they couldn’t get an illegal abortion,

That’s one we can’t.

  • I’m pro-choice because parenting is a hard important job and must be voluntary,

Yep, and preventing crime is an important job too, but we don’t accomplish it by shooting people before they become criminals. This goes in the “not seriously” basket.

  • I’m pro-choice because I know how hard women fought in New Zealand to ensure women would have access to abortion.

While this one is more serious, it’s says nothing about abortion it’self, just the fight to get it.

Why I am against abortion:

  • It kills defenseless children
  • It destroys women emotionally
  • In the case of incest, it abets the crime by removing the most tangible evidence, meaning the crime can continue
  • It has destroyed the adoption alternative, something many couples who cannot conceive would like to use but can’t
  • Even if properly performed, abortions can reduce fertility
  • It cheapens the value of human life - witness Mia excusing infanticide
  • It gives power to men to get rid of babies they’d rather not have
  • It de-humanises the doctors who perform it

That’s just a few, I’m sure I could think up more if I took the time.

Oh, while were’re on the topic here’s a link that might interest people. Quite consistent with my own experience.


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