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Family Planning Association Comes Under Fire in Wellington Pro-Life March

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On Friday Stop Family Planning held their third march expressing opposition to the Abortion Supervisory Committee granting the Family Planning Association an abortion licence. The march was supported by Family First, Right to Life, Family Life International and Prolife NZ.

click here for more photos of the march

Accompanied by two police cars and two policemen on motorbikes the crowd of around 200 marchers made their way slowly from Civic Square to the steps of Parliament. The march was held at lunchtime, with thousands of workers in the CBD walking past the protest on their lunch-breaks. Several passers-by joined in the march and were given one of the many placards we had available. The rain eventually set in, however we pressed on - Simeon and I took turns on our new megaphone, informing observers of the purpose of our march and general information about abortion in New Zealand. We made such statements as,

"New Zealand already has an unacceptably high abortion rate; 18,000 abortions every year, and the Family Planning Association wants to commit even more... is that ok?"

"Did you know, under New Zealand's abortion law, a child has to have a permission slip from their parents for the school nurse to give them a panadol, however that same child can have an abortion without their parents' notification, or consent... is that ok?"

The marchers left no doubt in anyone's minds, with their vocal response, "NO!"

It was great to see such a big turnout, in particular with young people joining in the protest against the FPA's attempts at expanding abortion coverage and availability to young women throughout New Zealand. We are now gearing up for two more marches, details will be available soon on the Stop Family Planning website.

Meantime, the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand's spokesperson Dame Margaret Sparrow speaks for her dwindling and ageing membership (of under 200), where she incorrectly states that,

"...many of the ideas (and probably a lot of the money) come from the U.S., where Stop Planned Parenthood looks a lot like Stop Family Planning."

Naturally, we are building on the work STOPP has been involved in in the States, however we are an entirely grassroots-based campaign, with no money or advice coming in from the States at this time.

What's wrong with the FPA getting the license? Women and girls of any age, with or without their parent's knowledge or consent would be able to go into an FPA abortion clinic and receive counselling on their crisis pregnancy. Since the FPA is pro-abortion and has a vested interest in women choosing abortion as they will gain financially, there will be a strong emphasis on the benefits of going ahead with an abortion. (read more)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, what a bunch of misfits. I notice that you have a section devoted on your blog to Home Education. Why were you home educated, any reason in particular?

10:26 pm, February 15, 2010 
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Hmm…am I missing something here Andy with ‘Stop Family Planning’?

You guys passionately want to stop all abortions in New Zealand - right?

Yet, the way to do this is to prevent Family Planning distributing advice/materials to prevent unwanted pregnancies??

Can you not see the contradictory positions?

Wanting to close Kiwi’s access to contraception will lead to more abortions and not less?

As a neutral on the subject of abortion – it seems daft!

See ya.


8:39 am, February 23, 2010 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Oh Paul, as usual - if you would only read what I write in context, you would not be so confused. I don't want to see a stop to contraception education, availability, etc - any more than you do. I'm campaigning to "Stop Family Planning from killing our future" - I'm definitely not campaigning for them to stop sex-ed, contraceptive distribution, etc.

It's that the FPA wants an abortion licence that I'm opposed to - nothing to do with their other non-abortion related activities.

9:36 am, February 23, 2010 
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Context? What contextually did my twisted godless mind miss when I came across a group calling itself 'Stop Family Planning'? It’s reasonable to presume a group calling itself ‘Stop Family Planning’ is after the total closure of the service – as it name plainly states, in the same way people want to stop whaling, 1040 etc. I have no problem with your anti abortion cause Andy – it doesn’t interest me – but I would be aghast there was a lobby group wanting to close Family Planning Services down in New Zealand and the only conclusion one can make with your group is that is what you want to happen – the groups name openly states your objectives for public like me to see and frown in abject despair. If you are not wanting to Stop Family Planning a new more apt name would do you cause more good, one feels. Tell then expect the public to see the groups objectives in the same ‘black and white’ manner as mine. See ya. Paul

1:43 pm, February 23, 2010 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

"Stop Family Planning" is a shortened form of "Stop Family Planning from Killing Our Future"...

what's your issue?

2:23 pm, February 24, 2010 

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