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Health Care Bill Shaky as Abortion Amendment Defeated

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Senator Ben Nelson, Nebraska
Democrat Senator Ben Nelson's amendment to remove Federal funding for abortions from the Health Care Bill was defeated with 54 votes against, 45 for in the Senate on Tuesday. However as Katie Connolly says, what will matter most is not Tuesday's Senate debate, but rather where the Nelson/Stupak language ends up in the reconciliation process. It was sponsor of the original bill, Bart Stupak who himself said, “I don’t think we will prevail in the Senate.” reports on Nelson's threat of filibustering if sufficient changes are not made to the bill when he said on 19 Nov that he would seek to prevent health reform from moving to final passage if restrictions on federal funding for abortion weren’t tightened during the amendment process. He added, “there are a lot of other things that could keep me from supporting it in the end as well.”

With 51% of US Citizens now declaring themselves to be pro-life in the recent Gallup poll, it is important that they now put pressure on their Senators to oppose the passing of the Bill unless significant alterations are made regarding the funding of abortions in health insurance policies, according to the language found in the Stupak/Nelson amendments. Because if the Bill does get through in its current state, health-insurance policies which contain federal funding for abortion coverage will be permitted to be sold. The jist of the Stupak/Nelson amendment to the bill then, is that abortion insurance would be permitted as a part of a complete health-insurance plan, but only if that plan did not receive partial funding through Medicare, the United States equivalent to ACC.

New Zealand currently has 100% tax-payer funded abortions for all citizens and permanent residents. This means that a portion of every taxed dollar Kiwis earn goes towards the 18,000 abortions committed in New Zealand every year. Let's hope that the US is able to avoid sinking down to this deplorable level of government endorsed and funded injustice, this silent holocaust.

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