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Don't Delay for a Minute

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Ah, good to be back blogging again.  Had my last exam at the cruel hour of 9:30am this morning, so good to get that out of the way - just in time to catch the tail end of the election campaign...

Sometimes Cry
by Poor Old Lu

don't delay for a minute
cause if you do i'll know you're too far into it
i mean the world around us
the world around

to keep your head above water
to be humble amidst tears and laughter
sometimes we need to hide
sometimes cry

run away
far away
to Yahweh
He's my hideaway

yeah, you've turned around again
well i can feel it inside
in His side

and i'll tell you what He sees
but first i must fall down on my own knees
let me hold your hand
holding our hands

i need to lower my head
i don't know if i can
i've been so lost
i don't know if i can
i really have to fall
i don't know if i can
i'll say it again
i don't know if i can

and now we're losing time
no, we can't say we never got a sign
the love is all around us
and it surrounds us.

That's one of my favourite songs by Poor Old Lu.

enjoying some fish and chips before they make them illegal.

Well, they've said that Rodney's yellow jacket is probably breaking the law.  But Rodney's going to ignore them, and heck, good on him.  Not sure if our new Act on Campus t-shirts are breaking the law, but we don't care either.  Nanny state is moving back to China on Saturday, to be followed shortly thereafter by her hideous spawn, the Electoral Finance Act.  A National/ACT government will also ensure that we dump the economy-destroying Emissions Trading Scheme - which they quizzed us on in the exam earlier today.

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Anonymous mike said...

Why did you complain about Rodney Hide's jacket????

1:24 pm, November 05, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sparky.

You have just helped Richard Worth win Epsom by fucking up Rodney Hide's electorate spending in complaining over the yellow jacket.

Andy Moore is the new best friend of the Labour Party. Well fucken done, you Einstein you.

2:05 pm, November 05, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahaha you're such a fuckin idiot! Well done you dumb fuck

4:47 pm, November 05, 2008 
Blogger bethyada said...

Andy, had a read thru your blog after visiting from MandM. Wanted to say a couple of things.

First, "cheap" may be a good word, so is "stuff". It can be used for so much. Maybe you could do a word study on this.

Second, I think you would enjoy the blog Vox Popoli if you are not already familiar with it. Have a visit, he posts more than once daily it is libertarian, though it covers much more.



2:48 pm, November 08, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, anonymous abuse, the joys of blogging...

Mike, why didn't you complain about it, it turned out that it breached the law! Just shows how stupid the law is. It's about to be repealed by National and Act anyway, they can probably rig their repeal so they don't have to pay any fines over it. It gave Act some free publicity just before the election, maybe you should be thanking Andy for earning them their fifth seat instead of hassling him over it...

3:29 pm, November 11, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

They better not ban fish and chips!

6:04 pm, November 11, 2008 

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