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Christmas Newsletter 2007

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Hi, welcome to my blog if it's your first time here! This is the web, so theoretically I can be a little more informal. I would have posted this newsletter to you - but opted out, and saved about 0.731% of a tree in a sustainable eucalyptus forest somewhere in Australia.

University. As if first-year Statistics wasn't enough to put anyone off going back for more, I found myself highly involved in a political battle, so in January this year I decided not to continue at Canterbury University. In 2006 I had started a BCom, a double major - marketing and computer science. As it turned out, I was ok at marketing, and ok at computer science - I just couldn't write 3 hours worth of java out on paper for them at the exam. I had entered this particular political battle around about September 2006 - and this "diversion" was hardly conducive for good results at the exams. So it was with a sense of duty to God, my country, and the next generation - as well as with a growing disillusionment with the very concept of University that I "dropped out". Who knows... I may go back some time.

Section 59. This year I have spent a lot of time fighting Sue Bradford's anti-smacking bill. In May, the Government went ahead and passed the bill into law - though 83% of New Zealanders were vehemently opposed to the bill. In a word, the new law criminalises parents who choose to discipline their child with a smack - no matter how light, or how naughty the child might have been. In September 06, I started up the Section 59 blog, and towards the end of March I helped organise a protest march against the bill in Christchurch as well as setting up a new lobbying website, Most recently, I have been working with new group Unity for Liberty, to collect signatures for the petition for a referendum on the anti-smacking law. 300,000 signatures are required for a referendum to be held; currently we have 245,291 signatures.

Equipbiz. Shortly after the anti-smacking bill passed into law, I started up a business. It is called Equipbiz LTD, and our main service is offering websites to small businesses and individuals. I'm working on building the business to a sustainable level of growth. This is proving to take much time, energy and thought. Click here to view the website of our first client. If you are interested at all in getting a website for yourself, get in touch with me!

During the year I have been involved in quite a few different things. Around July I headed down South to Waihola where I helped out as a leader at a boy's camp. I worked for a bit at Toyworld, where my younger brother Simon is the manager. Early in November I went up to Auckland for the Forum on the Family which was put on by Family First. Later on that Month I headed up again to visit Gran who lives in Tauranga, and also to help collect signatures for the petition on the anti-smacking law. Another highlight was heading up to Wellington to touch base with the volunteers up there who were collecting signatures. We also joined in the march against the Electoral Finance bill. Just recently, I've got a job at a computer shop, Affordable Computer - it's part-time at the moment and is a pretty dream job as far as jobs go. It's great just while I establish my business, to have a bit of extra money coming in.

Also in November, a friend Simeon and I started a political blog, At the end of November, I turned 21 and we had a party at our place. It was fantastic catching up with a whole lot of people, and I was pretty overwhelmed with people's generosity. Our Church, Grace Baptist Church had been without a pastor for just over a year, so it came as great news on the first of December that an Australian man, Rob Harrod had agreed to become our pastor. Mid-December I caught up with a good friend from the US - this was an excellent time of encouragement.

As we remember the true story of Christmas, let's not be content to go along with the World's view that "Christmas is all about giving". Of course, it is a fantastic time to help out poor people, and send goats to people in Africa. However the most important thing is that at Christmas time we remember that God sent His only Son Jesus into the World to pay for the sins of those who put their trust in Him. If you are a Christian yourself - thank God for saving you, and get out there and take the opportunity this Christmas to share the Gospel with others. If you're not a Christian, then you need to stop and think seriously about what it's all about. God made us all, and one day, Jesus is going to come back to earth - but not this time as a cute little baby. The next time He comes it will be to judge everyone who ever lived. People who put their trust in Christ will be with God forever in Heaven. Those who have refused God's free offer of salvation will be justly punished for eternity in hell.

I might be sounding a bit negative - but really, it's great news, so with that, I'll sign out and say...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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