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I am at a loss to know what to upload as my next blog.

So, based on the largest number of requests by individual people, for one of the two following subjects, I will proceed.

First option is an article I wrote in Ireland, and is altogether quite entirely relevant to a particular bill which at this time is being put to the New Zealand Parliament. It will not be edited from the original cut, and so should therefore have a certain degree of contoversiality attached to it.

the second option would be another story about Darren Raxworthy and his colleagues. I can't brief you on that at this stage, however.

In the meantime, please check out

*UDB stands for User Decides Basis


Blogger John Sinclair said...

maybe you could fill us in on the origin of this Darren character? if you don't know, surely you can speculate?

11:09 am, June 26, 2006 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Here's an

Speculation is not always good.

3:40 pm, June 26, 2006 

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