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Spilt Beans

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Countdown had SPC baked beans (in rich tomato sauce) for 25c. With a limit of four cans per person, it was possible to go in and recieve, printed on the bottom of the reciept: "your savings today: $4.40". Poorly designed cans, the ones that give grocery boys nightmares. It could have been that some elderly can-production line designer who wanted his name to live on through the ages, created this flaw intentionally. Suffice it to say, that when all was said and done, my "savings today" was $26.40. It's always a good feeling, when you spend some of your hard earned* cash, that you spend $6 and walk out with 24 nutritious meals.

As the Nissan Serena's brakes started to apply themselves, I flicked my wrists, loosening up my fingers. Stepping out of the van, I was carrying no less than 44 cans of fairly cheap, and potent baked beans. It's not everyday that you find yourself outside at night holding 44 cans of baked beans, so I decided to "experiment".

In my first experiment, I re-discovered the rudimentary principle of centrifugal force. The 20 cans on my left and the 24 on my right pulled at me with slightly un-equal G-force, resulting in an extremely fast but drunken looking spin. Coming to the conclusion that if I wanted to retain the use of my arms, I should start slowing down, I found that it wasn't going to be easy. I'd built up such a heck of a lot of momentum. I pictured the Chinese lady next door's mother-in-law, turning in her bed at the sound of 44 cans of baked beans scraping on our exposed aggregate driveway.

At that stage of my impromptu Physics degree, I decided that I wanted a double major: A MBSci, majoring in physics, and applied modern art. Finding 8 more cans just inside our front door, I proceeded to stack up the 54 baked bean cans. Considering the fact that the cans aren't designed for stacking, I considered the feat something of an achievement.

*speaking for myself


Blogger John Sinclair said...

Nice! too bad most of the good art today is temporal.

2:45 pm, May 07, 2006 
Blogger Becks said...

Ha! I love it!

12:02 pm, May 12, 2006 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

temporal? Don't you mean tempura? And anyway, my little effort was a bit on the temporal side, seeing as i knocked it over after the photo shoot. Cheers.

1:07 pm, May 12, 2006 
Blogger Simon Moore said...

Good show!

3:38 pm, May 26, 2006 
Anonymous Sorrow said...

Dude, I too saw those cans on special, and considered spending the evening walking in and out of countdown with my six-can-o-beans-a-trip... You know, just until I had enough to build my very own baked bean bomb shelter! I'd have my own haven from nuclear fallout/bird flu/alien invasion AND a good reserve of food - all rolled into one! But, I only had $5 on me. *sigh*

8:50 pm, June 03, 2006 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Good on you mate. I didn't buy enough for my own bomb shelter, - as you can see, but next time... Maybe a joint effort? What do you say?

(And to the guy (anonymous), who posted two somewhat offensive comments:

Feel free to make another comment, but without the crudity, and I'll be happy to allow them!

to the days!

9:34 pm, June 03, 2006 

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